Fix lỗi xtrap the game cannot run properly crossfire năm 2024

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Index of Solutions Disconnectet from the Server Mistakes Xtrap Initrender in-Error () Client-file corruption detected, Closing game client Data transmission is not stable. You can not access the test server. Failed to Download version.ini Disconnect Due to Incorrect Map Info / Hack Tool Detected (in lobby) Crossfire-Send Error Report? W FILE IS CHANGED [2007] L [0] and Other File Changed / Forged Errors The source-File is corrupted Using Name-Change Card Fails Problems keyboard / keyboard problems HGW-Mistakes Black screen appears when you try to open your game GameGuard initialization error-code 114 GameGuard error 153 GameGuard error 115 GameGuard error 500 Application error-GameGuard.des Game or GameGuard Has Been falsified GameGuard error 144 GG-380 error Game Hack Detected CF-Launcher Error Unusual-Hack Detected Error Can 't start the download or Cross Fire. Ini file Bug-Keyboard

Disconnectet from the Server

The error is probably the best known and most common error in the Crossfire. It can not be avoided because it may be caused by many things

- While you are playing or in the lobby and you are using a browser you received this error.

- If the ping shoots (Lagger) is more likely to appear the error.

- Using many of the hackers, it is almost natural.

Mistakes Xtrap

If the Start Xtrap incorrectly, it will usually display an error code. If you can not figure out what's causing the problem, then opens the goals Z8Games official forum in the thread, makes a contribution that will certainly help. - Program conflicts with Xtrap

Some programs will cause problems when run simultaneously with the Xtrap or Crossfire does not allow any program. The first thing you do if you received an error message is to ensure that you close all other programs you might think they do not harmonize with Xtrap. Something that Skype, Yahoo, Mozilla Firefox is not the point here. These include programs like XFire, Launcher ESL gasm, steam etc.

Macro programs are not approved by Xtrap

video recording programs are not approved by Xtrap. when a message is that it was also closed because of the inclusion program. A note from me: Crossfire is working on samples with Fraps.

This error can occur due to several reasons:

Obsolete DirectX installation

We invite you down on the official site of the new Microsoft DirectX installer.

Outdated Video Drivers

First, you have to know what kind of video card you have. Warranty from the manufacturer of your video card and invite him to get there latest versions. It may be that it will not appear until after a clean installation of Windows, the graphics card, but only "standard VGA". So make sure you have the graphics card installed.

Client file corruption detected, Closing game client

It is common in VMWare, but there is a solution, but is not working 100%. As I read many posts, it is not very happy.

1. Start Windows in Safe Mode. For-safe mode of Windows, you have to press F8 during boot and you KommR in Windows Advanced "from the Options menu. 2. Click Start> Control Panel> Add or Remove Programs 3. Please click Crossfire (Remove). 4. Click "Yes" to remove. 5. will have to be removed to see if there is distortion. Path: C: \ Program Files \ Z8Games \ CrossFire 6. Z8Games delete the folder in the Programs. 7. Start the PC in normal mode

Data transmission is not stable.

Data transmission is not stable. Failed to send player infected with the server. Please try again always very time when I need you to login. After about ~ 2 minutes after the end of charging.

This means that as far as your account and your account has been blocked. Login to the site Z8Games a look at how long.

Failed to Download version.ini

The problem usually occurs when the patch client. To combat to go before you do the following:

You go to the folder Z8Games Crossfire> and you can try this:

Deletes the folder and start with the Crossfire version.ini "patcher_cf" possibly as an administrator.

You can also Crossfire and again can be corrected at some point, then there is the error and repair it as normal. But with the way it should work.

Disconnect Due to Incorrect Map Info / Hack Tool Detected (in lobby)

The cause of this error is that there are problems with the router configuration. "Universal Plug and Play" is a Mecanismus, the programs allow automatic access to the firewall. Both Windows firewall and router have UPNP capabilities Beuda.

As much as you need to say in your router and firewall to enable the UPnP function.

Crossfire Send Error Report?

The problem seems to really only if you have something in injectet Crossfire, the game is out or is black and a small window appears with "Send Error Report?" and when you click on one of two buttons, close your game client. So far I have not found a way around or read this "mistake."

FILE IS CHANGED W [2007] L [0] and Other File Changed / Forged Errors

- Uninstall the game completely. - Disable your antivirus and let the "not secure." - Download the game again. - Install the game. - (This is to know that the anti-virus you're okay with the game or anything darraus clean.) Bringing together all the folders Crossfire for your antivirus. - Activate your antivirus.

It can be if you install the Crossfire and your anti-virus program is that the few files. Rez considers "dangerous."

The source file is corrupted

This error is similar to the "file is changed" error. If your antivirus software is running or scanning mode is währund download the game. Could delete / change some files come because your anti-virus program does not play along, as always. Again:

- Disable your anti-virus before downloading before Crossfire. - Download the game. - Install the game. - Activate your antivirus.

Using Card Name Change Fails

Sometimes when you look at the change of name purchase and use, it could win by a simple mistake.

This happens for two reasons:

1. The reason for this is the name is already taken. Check the main page, if anyone has used the name.

2. Gruns The second is that they have already decided that the name of your account that had been schonmal. The system does not eliminate all the names that were used schonmal.

If you used a name change, and disappeared through it without the mistake of having received a name change, register immediately for support.

Keyboard Problems

If your keyboard is not moved to the U.S. English keyboard, many commands do not work in the game. Then you change the keyboard settings in Windows Vista and Windows 7

-Click Start, click Control Panel. Open the "language of the time, and region." Click the check-in "Region and Language". -This opens the Properties window, you go on "Keyboards and Languages". - Click on "Change Keyboards" button. - And if you have not deleted that would have a keyboard is pre-installed English to be there, revolves around it and take it clicks.

Normally it is set to Alt + Shift when you have not changed to "switcht" you set it to his two keyboards.

Windows 7 users usually have an addition to its Explorer where the language of Tastaur sometimes appears.

Mistakes HGW

The HGW Socket errors is the best part of the host computer to connect.

This means it is something that the connection through the server file Wactcher HGW, Xtrap or the game is shut down or disconnected.

The consequences of things that can happen from:

1. You may be decided by a restart your modem / router or through its network DNS. Make sure your connection is in the on-going.

2. Just google the error code specific to your problem or question on the official forum for Z8Games objectives. There are many HGW Socket errors.

3. An e Neuinstalation certainly help was damaged during transfer and patching some files or have gepatchtet correctly.

Black screen appears when you try to open your game

Cause: You are using a video card that does not fit with the game, like the ATI 9200 and 9250. Solution: change your video card could solve the problem. Please keep checking for software updates, if we increase the compatibility.

GameGuard initialization error code 114

Cause: virus, video card or software is causing the conflict with GameGuard Solution: Restart the computer if your computer for viruses, please download anti-virus then scan your computer. Problem with video card, try upgrading your video card with the software and drivers that came along to your PC. (If you did not come up go Baixaki - Download, Technology and Games Program and download the Everest, check your video card and download the drivers!

Fix lỗi xtrap the game cannot run properly crossfire năm 2024

Solution: You must have DriverX 9.0 to run CrossFire, if you are using 9.0 Driverx follow the steps below:

Start -> Run -> dxdiag ---> Diagnostic Tool -> Verify -> Verify that your Driverx 9.0 and DirectDraw are working correctly in Test, you should not be after the DriverX 9.0 Download

GameGuard error 153

Fix lỗi xtrap the game cannot run properly crossfire năm 2024

Cause: Error in GameGuard, Solution: Uninstall and re-install your CrossFire!

GameGuard error 115

Fix lỗi xtrap the game cannot run properly crossfire năm 2024

Cause: You left the game and is often logged. Solution: Restart your computer. And go get a juice as he retraces the GameGuard.

GameGuard error 500

Fix lỗi xtrap the game cannot run properly crossfire năm 2024

Cause: error in All Files mon GameGuard folder. Solution: Completely Uninstall CrossFire and Reinstall.

Application error GameGuard.des

Fix lỗi xtrap the game cannot run properly crossfire năm 2024

Cause: CrossFire and Protective Services Symantec (Norton) are in conflict with each other Solution: Use another Remove Norton Antivirus or Norton.

Game or GameGuard Has Been falsified

Fix lỗi xtrap the game cannot run properly crossfire năm 2024

Cause: Application of the virus destroyed the Crossfire Solution: use antivirus to scan then reinstall. So be sure to disable your anti-virus while running CrossFire. Some anti-virus think that GameGuard and CrossFire are applications that contain viruses when they really do not.

CF Launcher Error

Fix lỗi xtrap the game cannot run properly crossfire năm 2024

Cause: Virus Solution: Scan, but remember to remove before reinstalling in the Crossfire: Control Panel -> Add Remove Programs -> Uninstall all files in the Crossfire EN (CF QQ Or if you are in the East).

Unusual Hack Detected Error

Fix lỗi xtrap the game cannot run properly crossfire năm 2024

Disable or remove alky sidebar Alky (pronounced "AL-KEE") is a tool that allows you to convert a Windows executable to a Mac OS X or Linux binary. We are focused on failed execution of the game at the moment, but we will support other applications in the future. Our binary translation layer is already working on fully for OS X and Linux support is underway. Of course, Windows applications use a very different set of libraries from Linux or Mac OS X applications, therefore, also working on a library called LibAlky that will provide those Windows libraries to the application.

GameGuard error 144

Go to the gameguard folder you will see a file name GameMon.des the problems are that the file does not work; or your computer has a virus, spyware etc. .. that destroyed the gameguard.Tente reinstall CrossFire; or try upgrading your video card (you have to use DriverX 9.0 to run the game).

GG 380 error

depending on your computer Follow these steps exactly Windows 98: C: \ windows \ hosts WindowNT/2000: C: \ WINNT \ system32 \ drivers \ etc \ hosts Windows XP: C: \ windows \ system32 \ drivers \ etc \ hosts after seeing this file Click the right button on it, open the file with:

But: With the exception of the two mentioned localhost 1 localhost

Game Hack Detected

Cause: Program Identifying what makes you think GameGuard is hack. Fix: 1.Va CrossFire to Folder, right-click on crossfire.exe and CF_G4box.exe, go to the compatibility, check the "turn of the Advance Text Services for this program" or something similar. 2.Restart your computer. 3.Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to go to the Manager Aplicativos.Feche all programs you do not know / not using (if you know how to do it, you can terminate the process in the section.)

Can not start the download or Cross Fire. Ini file

1. Please make sure that nothing is blocking the program exe. or a firewall blocking it.

2. Restart the computer just in case. (Solves more questions for almost everything lol)

3. Be sure to install the Microsoft. Microsoft Net Framework 2.0 + download if you already have this, then make sure that it is up to date. This should solve most problems with the exe.

4. Go to the game folder and try launching the "patcher_cf.exe" file manually to skip the launcher program.

5. If you are using Windows Vista, please do not forget that the following files "crossfire.exe" and "patcher_cf.exe" are all run as an administrator. (Click the right button on the file and go to "Properties" and then click "Compatibility" tab)

6. Change the "crossfire.exe" and "patcher_cf.exe" compatibility mode for Windows XP SP2 and disable scaling on high DPI settings. You should also disable visual themes and desktop composition that does not work. (These options are located in the "Compatibility" tab in the properties files.

7. Do Dowload again and reinstall CrossFire, the CrossFire Staff is updating the Installer, from time to time for the beta version so that it can correct the problem. It is also possible that your initial download was corrupted at which point you may want to try a download manager to get the file and try again.

Keyboard Bug

Instructions for Windows Vista

1. Click Start and then Control Panel

2. In Control Panel, if you are in Classic View, click Control Panel Home (top left)

3. Open Clock, Language, and Region

4. Click Regional and Language Options.

5. Click the Keyboards and Languages ​​tab and then click Change keyboards.

6. Under Installed Services, click Add.

7. In the Add Input Language, select the keyboard layout you would like to add from the list available and click OK.

8. The keyboard layout you added will be included in the list. To set the new layout of your default, select it from the list. Click OK to save your changes

9. You can switch between different input languages ​​(= keyboard languages) by clicking on the Language bar or by pressing Alt + Shift keys

Instructions for Windows XP

1. Click Start and then Control Panel

2. In Control Panel, if you are in Category View, click Switch to Classic view (top left)

3. Open Regional and Language Options.

4. Click the Languages ​​tab.

5. Under Text services and input languages, click Details.

6. Under Installed Services, click Add.

7. In the Add Input Language, select the input language and keyboard layout or Input Method Editor (IME) you want to add.

8. Click OK two times. You should now see a language indicator in the system tray (located on the lower right corner of the desktop by default). You can switch between different input languages ​​(= keyboard languages) by pressing Alt + Shift

If a language does not appear in the Input language list, the sources for that language can not be installed. If this is the case, follow the instructions below.

Add language support

1. Click Start and then Control Panel

2. In Control Panel, if you are in Category View, click Switch to Classic View

3. Open Regional and Language Options in Control Panel.

4. Click the Languages ​​tab.

5. Under Supplemental language support, check the box beside the applicable language collection

6. Click OK or Apply. You will be prompted to insert the Windows CD-ROM or point to a network where files are located. After the files are installed, you must restart your computer.