Top 10 best pokémon for pokémon sword and shield năm 2024

The Pokemon series is an expansive wonder spanning eight generations of lore and fan-favorite creatures. Some of the most engaging things about the Pokemon series are the abilities of each Pokemon and how their design showcases them. An ever-evolving series, Pokemon shows no signs of slowing down, and the most recent addition, Pokemon: Sword and Shield featuring generation eight, presents an all-new roster of pocket monsters.


There are usually many new and cool Pokemon introduced every generation, and ever since Pokemon Sun and Moon, regional variances have become part of those introductions. Inspired by the real-world United Kingdom, the Galar region is no exception to the formula. Beyond the core game, players can compete online against other actual trainers using their strongest and coolest Pokemon. A balanced team that can defeat and counter the strategies of one's opponents should be assembled by anyone who hopes to succeed in online combat. To win battles, it will be essential to consider a Pokemon's stats, typing, moves, and other characteristics.

Updated October 25, 2022, by Kirkland Fortner: Both Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra included some unique and extremely powerful Pokemon that deserve to be recognized. Though there were plenty of great Pokemon added in the DLC expansions, many of which are worthy of a place in any player's team, a few are significantly better than others. They are used regularly in the competitive game too, proving their power and versatility, and fully deserve their place among the best Generation 8 Pokemon.

18 Spectrier

Top 10 best pokémon for pokémon sword and shield năm 2024

About Spectrier

This majestic Ghost-type equine was introduced in The Crown Tundra DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield as not only a legendary Pokemon but a potential fusion partner for the wise Calyrex. With huge base stats that focus primarily on Special Attack power and Speed, this spectral horse would be a great lead in battles against an adversary with physically defensive pocket monsters. Their design also makes them desirable as they encompass equal parts of mystery and beauty.

Spectrier's Base Stats

  • HP – 100
  • Attack – 60
  • Defense – 60
  • Special Attack – 145
  • Special Defense – 80
  • Speed – 130

Spectrier's Competitive Viability

Due to Spectrier's Speed, they are a good Generation 8 Pokemon to lead one's team into battle and can become a great one thanks to their unique ability. Grim Neigh will automatically raise Spectrier's Special Attack by one stage each time they knock out a pokemon, so if players give them great ways to take down targets, like using the always-handy Will-o-Wisp and Hex combo, Spectrier can potentially become a deadly sweeper.

17 Hatterene

Top 10 best pokémon for pokémon sword and shield năm 2024

About Hatterene

Like many expect from their magical appearance, Hatterene boasts an insane Special Attack stat. Its witch-like hat and dual Psychic and Fairy-typing give it a suitable aesthetic that goes over well with many fans, making it one of the most popular Generation 8 Pokemon in certain online communities. With heavy-hitting moves, it can decimate foes that underestimate it, though, if it is having trouble, its trainer can activate its Gigantimax form for even more magical might. To top it all off, Hatterene's ability "Magic Bounce" can reflect an adversary's status moves right back at them as both a great defense and counterattack in one.

Hatterene's Base Stats

  • HP – 57
  • Attack – 90
  • Defense – 95
  • Special Attack – 136
  • Special Defense – 103
  • Speed – 29

Hatterene's Competitive Viability

With very low Speed, most of the time, Hatterenes will have to tank incoming hits from opponents before they'll be able to unleash their own powerhouse moves. This can be a bit risky, however, if players can buff themselves with Calm Mind, they can shrug off most incoming Special moves while also boosting their already high Special Attack to hit back with greater force.

16 Dracovish

Top 10 best pokémon for pokémon sword and shield năm 2024

About Dracovish

Although this fossil Pokemon appears like a scientific abomination, it holds many draws for trainers. Firstly, being both Water and Dragon-type grants this beast of the battlefield some great resistances to many kinds of incoming attacks as well as offensive boosts to moves that share its type. Their Water-type signature attack, Fishious Rend, can allow it to take out some foes with ease as its power doubles if Dracovish goes first or if the enemy switches Pokemon on the same battle turn it is used.

Dracovish's Base Stats

  • HP – 90
  • Attack – 90
  • Defense – 100
  • Special Attack – 70
  • Special Defense – 80
  • Speed – 75

Dracovish's Competitive Viability

With some other great moves and a solid ability in Strong Jaw that boosts bite-based ones, Dracovish is one of the best Generation 8 Pokemon to have hold a Choice Band in battle. A few coverage moves that would allow this dual-type pocket monster to be especially dangerous are Crunch and Psychic Fangs.

15 Alcremie

Top 10 best pokémon for pokémon sword and shield năm 2024

About Alcremie

Alcremie is one of the sweetest Pokemon to ever be released. But do not be fooled by their cute appearance, as this species has an excellent Special Defense stat that can make it a great tank against offensive foes wielding Special attacks.

This sugary sidekick is also the Pokemon with one of the most forms ever! There are 64 variants of it, which also gives it the most Pokédex entries out of all Pokemon as well. If a pint-sized snack of a pocket monster is not enough for a trainer, this creamy pal has a Gigantamax form that is literally a colossal tower of cakes.

Alcremie's Base Stats

  • HP – 65
  • Attack – 60
  • Defense – 75
  • Special Attack – 110
  • Special Defense – 121
  • Speed – 64

Alcremie's Competitive Viability

With some excellent status moves geared towards survivability, Alcremie can be surprisingly hard to take down. Not only does this species get Calm Mind to boost their Special stats, but they also get Recover for easy HP restoration as well as Acid Armor to bulk up their physical Defense.

14 Dragapult

Top 10 best pokémon for pokémon sword and shield năm 2024

About Dragapult

Almost more fighter jet than Pokemon, Dragapult can assault an opponent at break-neck speeds thanks to its high stat in this area. While it strikes fast, it can also strike hard with excellent attack stats for both physical and special damage. It also has great offensive typing as it is both Ghost and Dragon-type with devastating moves such as "Dragon Rush" and "Phantom Force". It should also be mentioned that Dragapult combines aspects of aircraft, dragons, and ghosts for one of the coolest designs to be seen so far in a Generation 8 Pokemon.

Dragapult's Base Stats

  • HP – 88
  • Attack – 120
  • Defense – 75
  • Special Attack – 100
  • Special Defense – 75
  • Speed – 142

Dragapult's Competitive Viability

Thanks to its great offensive stats and its ability, Infiltrator (which allows their attacks to ignore many defensive moves used by opponents), Dragapult can be an excellent wall-breaker that can shut down tanky enemies. Interestingly, their Ghost-typing grants them access to Hex-related combos featuring Will-o-Wisp or Thunder Wave.

13 Yamper

Top 10 best pokémon for pokémon sword and shield năm 2024

About Yamper

An Electric-type puppy Pokemon, Yamper is one of the cutest 'mons in all of Galar. The Pokemon loves to run around and store up powerful electric current within its body as it does so. The great thing about this little puppy is that it's quite easy to find and catch, and it shows up in a number of grass patches within the earlier part of one's Sword or Shield adventure. With a simplistic yet eye-catching design that seems like a take on a puppy-like version of Pikachu, Yamper is an adorable addition to the Pokemon world.

Yamper's Base Stats

  • HP – 59
  • Attack – 45
  • Defense – 50
  • Special Attack – 40
  • Special Defense – 50
  • Speed – 26

Yamper's Competitive Viability

Firstly, if one wants a useful Electric-type dog Pokemon in their party, it is highly recommended to use Yamper's evolved form, Boltund, at they are simply stronger in all regards compared to their unevolved form. Similar to Dracovish, Boltund gets the Strong Jaw ability and quite a few bite-based moves, however, the canine pocket monster can also learn the handy Volt Switch for quick escapes.

12 Centiskorch

Top 10 best pokémon for pokémon sword and shield năm 2024

About Centiskorch

Centiskorch is a uniquely designed Fire and Bug-type Pokemon that evolves from the earlier Sizzlipede. Inspired by real-world centipedes, however, this Pokemon is tremendously larger in size. Centiskorch is hostile in nature but loyal to its trainer. It's easy to see the hostility due to its intimidating leer and razor-sharp mandibles. This heated monster can reach blazing temperatures of up to 1,500 degrees. This Pokemon becomes even more powerful in its Gigantamax form and is a sizzling hot addition to the Galar region.

Centiskorch's Base Stats

  • HP – 100
  • Attack – 115
  • Defense – 65
  • Special Attack – 90
  • Special Defense – 90
  • Speed – 65

Centiskorch's Competitive Viability

Despite having a cool design, solid attacking moves, and decent offensive potential due to its high Attack stat and inability to get burned, Centiskorch does not have much else going for it. Being both Bug and Fire-type means it will get decimated by Rock-type moves that will deal x4 damage, and its defensive stats, as well as Speed, aren't good enough to compensate by letting them tank hits or outspeed foes often.

11 Toxtricity

Top 10 best pokémon for pokémon sword and shield năm 2024

About Toxtricity

Punk rocker inspired in design, the reptilian-looking Toxtricity is the first dual-type Pokemon centered around both Poison and Electric-type attacks. Evolving from the baby Pokemon Toxel, the stylish pocket monster has two variations of its evolved form depending on its personality, referred to in the game as its "nature".

The "Amped" form (pictured on the right), excels in physical moves and has a higher base Attack stat, whereas the "Low Key" form (left), is based around Special Attack power. Having both the option to poison or paralyze foes during battle makes Totricity an excellent strategic member of a Pokemon team in Galar. To top it off, Toxtricity even has a Gigantamax form!

Toxtricity's Base Stats

  • HP – 75
  • Attack – 98
  • Defense – 90
  • Special Attack – 114
  • Special Defense – 70
  • Speed – 75

Toxtricity's Competitive Viability

Toxtricity's unique ability, Punk Rock, allows it to receive less damage from sound-based moves as well as boosts its own by 30%. This, combined with the potential to learn the mighty Boomburst, grants this reptilian pocket monster the power to devastate all foes who aren't immune or resistant to Normal-type attacks, even those behind Substitutes, as sound-based moves mostly ignore the stuffed animal shield.

10 Galarian Ponyta

Top 10 best pokémon for pokémon sword and shield năm 2024

About Galarian Ponyta

Galarian Ponyta is a Generation 8 rendition of the original generation Pokemon Ponyta. Instead of the original Gen 1 pony with Fire-type abilities, the Galar version of Ponyta is a Psychic-type and resembles a mythical unicorn. This Pokemon quickly became one of the most popular in Generation 8 due to its adorable appearance, but it is also exclusive to Pokemon Shield. Galarian Ponyta can later evolve into a Galarian Rapidash, becoming a dual Psychic and Fairy-type.

Galarian Ponyta's Base Stats

  • HP – 50
  • Attack – 85
  • Defense – 55
  • Special Attack – 65
  • Special Defense – 65
  • Speed – 90

Galarian Ponyta's Competitive Viability

Like with Yamper, since this Pokemon is still not fully evolved, players are highly recommended to evolve them into Galarian Rapidash before taking them into any online battles. After doing so, players will have access to one of the fastest physically-oriented Psychic and Fairy-type Pokemon, which can be an excellent lead against many opponents, especially if one can set up with Sword Dance on turn 1.

9 Grapploct

Top 10 best pokémon for pokémon sword and shield năm 2024

About Grapploct

Grapploct is an awesomely designed goon of a Pokemon, inspired by the real-world octopus. Although it predominantly lives in the ocean and within the waters of the Galar region, this rowdy pocket monster is not a Water-type! Grapploct is a Fighting-type that uses the martial art Jujitsu. By taking advantage of its many tentacle arms, it pummels its opponents. The Pokédex notes that its arms are extremely powerful because its body is made up of pure muscle. Due to its unique appearance and unexpected type, Grapploct is a unique addition to the Pokemon world and a great choice for a Fighting-type on a team.

Grapploct's Base Stats

  • HP – 80
  • Attack – 118
  • Defense – 90
  • Special Attack – 70
  • Special Defense – 80
  • Speed – 42

Grapploct's Competitive Viability

As a pure Fighting-type, the only kinds of attacks that Grapploct should be concerned about are Flying, Fairy, and Psychic-type ones. Though, thanks to decent defensive stats and HP, this cephalopod can tank a hit or two from incoming attacks that deal neutral damage easily enough, meaning that they can set up with Bulk Up efficiently. Following this, players can use Drain Punch to hurt foes while healing for a stalwart build.

8 Grimmsnarl

Top 10 best pokémon for pokémon sword and shield năm 2024

About Grimmsnarl

Instantly one of the most popular Generation 8 Pokemon, Grimmsnarl is a nightmarish dual-type fiend that wields both Dark and Fairy-type power. It's the final evolution of Impidimp, which evolves into Morgrem, and then finally to this form. The Pokemon has exceptional physical strength said to even rival Fighting-types like Machamp, though it also has very strong special attack powers.

Devilish in its design, Grimmsnarl uses its long hairs to ensnare opponents and is equipped with sharp brandished fangs. Grimmsnarl is able to Gigantamax, and, when it does, it becomes one of the tallest Pokemon to ever exist. With power and popularity on its side, Grimmsnarl is a definite icon of Generation 8.

Grimmsnarl's Base Stats

  • HP – 95
  • Attack – 120
  • Defense – 65
  • Special Attack – 95
  • Special Defense – 75
  • Speed – 60

Grimmsnarl's Competitive Viability

Even though Grimmsnarl looks built to dish out heavy hits, they also come with a lot of supportive status moves, such as Reflect, Light Screen, and Taunt. Used in conjunction with their Prankster ability, players sending out Grimmsnarl can set up defenses or hinder an opponent's tactics before the foe can even move.

7 Obstagoon

Top 10 best pokémon for pokémon sword and shield năm 2024

About Obstagoon

Obstagoon is a Dark and Normal-type Pokemon that is the final form of a Galarian Linoone, which evolves from Zigzagoon. This pocket monster quickly became popular as its design is clearly inspired by real-world musician Gene Simmons from the famous band "KISS". Although quite an intimidating presence, Obstagoon is said to rarely attack an opponent first. With knife-like claws, expert survival skills, and a homage-paying design, this Pokemon is a staple member of the Generation 8 lineup introduced in the Galar region. Obstagoon is the first regional variant to have a third evolution added to it, as Linoone did not evolve when it was originally introduced in Generation 3.

Obstagoon's Base Stats

  • HP – 93
  • Attack – 90
  • Defense – 101
  • Special Attack – 60
  • Special Defense – 81
  • Speed – 95

Obstagoon's Competitive Viability

Capable of a pretty solid and time-tested combo, players who have an Obstagoon with the ability Guts can make them hold a Flame Orb item to trigger the 50% physical Attack boost on turn 1 of this pocket monster being on the field. This, combined with Facade, will let trainers break through any foe that isn't immune or resistant to Normal-type attacks. However, even if they are, Obstagoon has plenty of Dark-type moves for coverage.

6 Sirfetch'd

Top 10 best pokémon for pokémon sword and shield năm 2024

About Sirfetch'd

The evolution of a Galarian Farfetch'd, Sirfetch'd is an embodiment of the Pokemon Sword and Shield titles. Though this valiant knight is exclusive to the Sword version of the game, it carries both a sword and shield made from the leek of its previous form. Sirfetch'd is a Fighting-type, but can use some Flying-type moves like "Peck" and "Brave Bird". This makes it extremely useful in combat, as it can easily dominate competition against other Fighting-types and unsuspecting opponents. Prideful in appearance and a powerful combatant, this little fighting Pokemon makes a fitting addition to a Galar team — it's always ready for a fight.

Sirfetch'd's Base Stats

  • HP – 62
  • Attack – 132
  • Defense – 95
  • Special Attack – 68
  • Special Defense – 82
  • Speed – 65

Sirfetch'd's Competitive Viability

The ability Scrappy, which both lets players hit Ghost-type Pokemon with Fighting or Normal-type moves and makes them immune to the ability Intimidate, is an excellent one for a pure Fighting-type, as it lets Sirfetch'd spam their strongest moves of this type with no fear of them being ineffective.

5 Rillaboom

Top 10 best pokémon for pokémon sword and shield năm 2024

About Rillaboom

Rillaboom is the final evolution of the Grass-type starter Pokemon Grookey, and evolves from Thwackey. This Gorilla-inspired pocket monster is burly, both psychically and with special attacks. Rillaboom quickly became one of the most popular starter Pokemon in Generation 8's Sword and Shield due to the strength and bravado in its design. Many have pointed out the Pokemon's hair loosely resembles the popular Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan 3 form.

Rillaboom is able to summon and control surrounding plants by playing on the large drum that it obtains during its evolution from Thwackey. Strong and memorable, this Pokemon has even received a Gigantamax form upon the release of the first Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion pass.

Rillaboom's Base Stats

  • HP – 100
  • Attack – 125
  • Defense – 90
  • Special Attack – 60
  • Special Defense – 70
  • Speed – 85

Rillaboom's Competitive Viability

A great and simple combo that makes use of Rillaboom's ability, Grassy Surge (summons Grassy Terrain effects when switched into battle), is to use Grassy Slide. Grassy Slide deals decent damage, gets boosted from being the same type as Rillaboom, and also gains +1 priority when Grassy Terrain is active.

4 Urshifu

Top 10 best pokémon for pokémon sword and shield năm 2024

About Urshifu

Urshifu is the Legendary Mascot of Pokemon Sword and Shield's Isle of Armor DLC. It evolves from Kubfu when taken to the end of either of the Towers of Two Fists. Depending on which one is chosen, Urshifu will appear in its Single Strike Style, (a Fighting/Dark-type) or Rapid Strike Style (a Fighting/Water-type). Each style also comes with a unique Gigantamax form and a unique move. Single Strike gets Wicked Blow and Rapid Strike gets Surging Strikes.

Urshifu's Base Stats

  • HP – 100
  • Attack – 130
  • Defense – 100
  • Special Attack – 63
  • Special Defense – 60
  • Speed – 97

Urshifu's Competitive Viability

Urshifu has access to the incredible Ability that is Unseen Fist, allowing Urshifu to hit through any and all protection moves, minus Max Guard. Combine this with its high Attack and Speed stats, and it's extremely difficult to deal with. Fighting/Dark and Fighting/Water are both very strong offensive-type combinations as well. To top it all off, Urshifu's signature moves of Wicked Blow and Surging Strikes always land in a Critical Hit, and the Gigantamax moves of G-Max One Blow and G-Max Rapid Flow can even hit through Max Guard, essentially giving in the opportunity to deal damage in all situations.

3 Shadow Rider Calyrex

Top 10 best pokémon for pokémon sword and shield năm 2024

About Shadow Rider Calyrex

Calyrex is the Legendary Mascot of Pokemon Sword and Shield's Crown Tundra DLC. Like Urshifu, it also has 2 distinct forms, Ice Rider and Shadow Rider, that have the type combinations of Psychic/Ice and Psychic/Ghost respectively. Calyrex becomes either of its forms by using the Reins of Unity on it and either Glastier or Spectier, depending on which one was chosen and captured in the story of the Crown Tundra.

Shadow Rider Calyrex's Base Stats

  • HP – 100
  • Attack – 85
  • Defense – 80
  • Special Attack – 165
  • Special Defense – 100
  • Speed – 150

Shadow Rider Calyrex's Competitive Viability

Shadow Rider Calyrex is an absolute beast. Psychic/Ghost isn't the best type combination defensively, but offensively, it's very good, as it hits most types for neutral damage, making it very consistent. Its insanely high Special Attack and Speed stats guarantee that it'll hit for massive damage whenever it gets a move in.

Its Ability, As One, is fantastic. This Ability is actually a 2-in-1, being a combination of Unnerve (disabling opponent's Berries until the user leaves the battlefield) and Grim Neigh (Special Attack increases by 50% every time the user KO's a Pokemon), the latter effect, in particular, being supremely helpful, as it lets Shadow Rider Calyrex power itself up very easily.

Finally, Shadow Rider Calyrex's signature move, Astral Barrage, is great. This is a 100% accurate Special Ghost-type move with 120 Power and no drawbacks, and it even hits both opponents in a Double Battle. It's both powerful and reliable.

2 Regieleki

Top 10 best pokémon for pokémon sword and shield năm 2024

About Regieleki

Regieleki is a member of the Legendary Titans, introduced in Sword and Shield's Crown Tundra DLC. It represents the "Modern Age" in the quintet, referenced by its pure Electric typing. It is located in the Split-Decision Ruins in the Crown Tundra, where the player is forced to choose between either it or Regidrago for which one they capture.

Regieleki's Base Stats

  • HP – 80
  • Attack – 100
  • Defense – 50
  • Special Attack – 100
  • Special Defense – 50
  • Speed – 200

Regieleki's Competitive Viability

Regieleki is one of the most powerful Pokemon ever created. It is the fastest Pokemon period, with a whopping 200 points in its Speed stat. Speed is a very important part of Pokemon battling, so being able to attack first with certainty like this is excellent. Regieleki's Speed stat can be bolstered even further with moves like Electroweb and Thunder Wave. Pure Electric is a wonderful type, only has a single weakness to Ground, resistances to itself, Steel and Flying, and an immunity to Paralysis.

Speed isn't the only thing Regieleki excels in. Having 100 points in both attacking stats is more than usable, but this also blends extremely nicely with its Ability, Transistor. This Ability increases the damage from Regieleki's Electric-type moves by 50%, making it even stronger than it appears at first glance. The only thing Regieleki lacks is move variety, but its positives are so ridiculously good that it really doesn't need it.

1 Zacian

Top 10 best pokémon for pokémon sword and shield năm 2024

About Zacian

Zacian is a legendary Pokemon within the Galar region. It is exceptionally powerful in battle, said to be able to strike down even Gigatamaxed opponents in a single blow. A Fairy and Steel dual-type, this mythical Pokemon wields a golden broad sword in its jaws and is revered as a Pokemon hero. Known as "The Fairy King's Sword" within the region, and the "poster-boy" of the Pokemon Sword version, Zacian's majestic demeanor accompanied by its status in Galar make it the most iconic addition to Generation 8 thus far.

Zacian's Base Stats

  • HP – 92
  • Attack – 130
  • Defense – 115
  • Special Attack – 80
  • Special Defense – 115
  • Speed – 138

Zacian's Competitive Viability

With arguably one of the most overpowered abilities in the game, Intrepid Sword, Zacian's already remarkable Attack stat gets a free 50% boost whenever they switch in. This allows the legendary Pokemon to cleave through almost any target thanks to powerful moves like Play Rough, Crunch, and Close Combat.

What are the best Pokémon to use in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Dragapult is currently the most powerful in the Pokedex, making it hard to not recommend for the best Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield. It boasts 142 Speed stat and 120 Attack stat, which when combined with is movepool makes it an incredible force.

What is the top 10 greatest Pokémon?

The top 10 greatest Pokémon of all time are Pikachu, Charizard, Mewtwo, Gyarados, Blastoise, Dragonite, Gengar, Snorlax, Lucario, and Rayquaza. These Pokémon have captured the hearts of fans worldwide with their unique designs, powerful moves, and memorable appearances in the Pokémon franchise.

Which is the No 1 powerful Pokémon?

Arceus is, without a doubt, the most powerful Legendary Pokémon. This Normal type Mythical Pokémon is the creator of the universe and thus the closest that the Pokémon world has to a god. When it hatched from its egg, Arceus brought with it time, space, and antimatter in the form of the Creation Trio.

What is the 8th strongest Pokémon?

They are used regularly in the competitive game too, proving their power and versatility, and fully deserve their place among the best Generation 8 Pokemon..

8 Grimmsnarl..

7 Obstagoon..

6 Sirfetch'd..

5 Rillaboom..

4 Urshifu..

3 Shadow Rider Calyrex..

2 Regieleki..

1 Zacian..